Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweet Treats for Dough!!!!

I guess it really all just comes down to the word, "Yes."  "Yes, I would love to make cookies for your daughters birthday!"  After several years of being asked and never being able to figure out how I could really make it work, I just said, "Yes!"  And... I was excited!  (Laura.. Thank you for asking!)

My sweet husband looked up the laws in Texas for a stay at home mom to have a baking business from her home kitchen and he has fully supported me every step and every expenditure!  I am so grateful for the Texas Cottage food laws!

Now, my only issue is figuring out how in the world to bake cookies, cakes and cupcakes during the daylight hours.  For some odd reason, I am most creative when the sun goes down along with all three of my sweet children!  : )

So, if you have a celebration coming up that calls for decorated sugar cookies, cute cupcakes, or a custom cake I would love to make it for you.  Please contact me for pricing and availability.

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