Monday, April 23, 2012

A Weekend of Cakes!

It was a different weekend for me... Usually I have tons of cookie orders and maybe one cake or so... this past weekend was a weekend of CAKES!  It was fun and I was able to organize my time well enough to attend three soccer games, bible study, church and only stay up till 2am one night!  That is tremendous progress for me!  Balance... thats what I am working on.

The cakes were each different and fun!  Just a little fondant and a lot of buttercream...  The events ranged from baby showers to 1st communions to birthdays and even a 30x2 birthday!  (Thats a nicer way to say 60)  I couldn't help myself and had to throw some cookies in the mix so a couple of cake and cupcake toppers were actually made out of cookies.  : )

Sprinkles, Sparkles and some edible images!  


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disney Car's 2 Birthday!

Just completed and delivered yesterday .....

I had such a fun time making these cute cookies and Car's themed cake and cupcakes!  Just lots of ideas that came together to make a fun table display.

I couldn't find a HUGE No. 4 cookie cutter, so I had to improvise with a scalloped edge circle.  Sometimes when you have to improvise, the cutest things occur!  There was even enough room to put the birthday boy's name on each cookie, which is always awesome!

The cake is a moist vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream.  The decorations are mostly buttercream with a marshmallow black fondant road and accents.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Cookie Baking Haulted by Ninjago's ... saved by a Princess

In between my Easter Cookie party and fulfilling Easter orders I had an order for two dozen Lego Ninjago cookies.  The Ninjago's were for two twin 2nd grade boys birthday celebrations.  I think they turned out really cute and my boys were excited to eat a few leftovers!

I also had an order for Crown cookies for a 3rd grade girls party!  What a fun weekend... This week I am back to Easter Cookies!