Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From Spiderman to Madonna!!

     This past week was an amazing week that was just packed with birthday busyness!!  Its always a bit tricky when one of my precious family members has a birthday in the midst of a crazy baking week!  Remembering that I am their mom and his wife first is hard to do sometimes.  : )

     But.... Molly Ann is my oldest and sweetest (only) daughter!  She is precious and she LOVES Oreo Cookie ice cream cake!  I mean not homemade... but the awesome grocery store kind!  The kind that you pick up the morning of the party and just ask them to put a big red American Girl Star on it that says "Happy Birthday Molly."  She loved it and wow.. that was a blessing to me!  I did however focus on her cute cookies before I hit the ground running with my business busyness!

Happy Birthday Sweet Molly Ann! 
I love you!

The week actually started with Spiderman cupcakes on Monday, but I felt it important for Molly to have the "Top Spot" on my page this week.  

Buttercream frosted with hand made and hand painted fondant toppers.


Then of course it was Ms. Wilson's birthday and my son's class is lovingly known as "Wilson's Wild Longhorns!"

We had to celebrate with Longhorn Cookies of course!


And... the last baking project of the week was an Extreme Soccer Party for two sweet 5 year old boys!

48 cookies and a big huge cake!


     Lastly.. To end my week..  I was oh so looking forward to seeing Madonna in concert for the first and only time in my life.  I know her shows are amazing and I know her every song from the 80's!  My girlfriend and I were completely surprised by our husbands about 8 months ago with tickets... amazing tickets to see Madonna in concert!!!!  Sooo excited... I finished all my baking projects and Molly's birthday and got up early to watch this....

My middle son - the Wild Longhorn - living his life on the field as he always does... 
Extreme, Intense... just Drew... he's the hairless wonder with his foot on the ball

And again.. in the air... 

and fighting again... intensity in action!

Then... we found out Madonna was cancelled... Laryngitis.  

Soo.. at least this little Ham made me smile and I did get a day and night away with one of my best friends.  Picked out new makeup and had a great relaxing dinner.

Conner William Major Conentration!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hi there!

Summer flew by and I think just maybe fall is coming....

In Texas its a bit hard to tell when the season's change.  Thankfully we have many warm months of summer that usually extend into October!  I have taken a little bit of a break over the summer from posting.  Many new pictures have been updated and posted on the blog.  Please take a look at the Gallery pages to see the many updates!

Below are a couple of my most recent projects.....

Most recently a friend challenged me with a Peacock Cake for her daughter's 16th birthday.  The picture she sent me made my week!

This is why I do what I do... Yes, the extra money is nice and I do enjoy the crafty creative outlet it provides me, but really... when I see the happiness and joy it brings others... thats it.. thats just it!

My other recent project was an amazing birthday weekend filled with puppies!

When my little sister was young, she always referred to cupcakes as "Pupcakes."  I would say these are truly "Pupcakes!"  Fondant doggy toppers on top of vanilla cupcakes and buttercream frosting.

And then there were more.... 

A chocolate yummy yummy cake with chocolate filling and topped with a custom handmade marshmallow fondant doggy topper.
Surrounded by more Pupcakes with fondant toppers!

And more...  : )

Spotty Doggy Sparkly Cookies!!

So many cute, fun projects..  and many more to come!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my post and enjoy the new pictures!

Until the next cake!  : )