Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exciting Week! James is 40!!

This week has been an adjustment for some.  My sweet husband of almost 15 years turned 40 yesterday!  Apparently he was in denial and afraid of what the day might bring... He went back to bed and when I said, "It's going to be a great day," he crawled back under the covers and said, "Are you sure?"

After saying "Happy Birthday" to him over 100 times, (mostly because I sometimes forget until noon,) I think we were off to a great day!  He had requested his favorite dinner which I prepared - Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli... some of us now have cholesterol problems after that meal... Then ended the day with some fun gifts and a Chocolate Chocolate Ghirardeli Ruffle Cake!  Hard to see much since the cake is pretty much on fire!

Happy Birthday James!!

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