Monday, March 5, 2012

Girl Scout Fashion Show - SUCCESS!!!!

     Last Friday I was honored to provide all the cookies and cupcakes for my daughters amazing girl scout troop.  It was so much fun!  I was absolutely buried in beautiful gum paste (sugar) Gerber Daisys and yummy chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes.  Miniature cupcakes and basic regular size ones too.  The cupcakes had mini wrappers and regular size wrappers as well as banner toppers that said, "It's a girl thing!"

     The girls had so much fun modeling clothes that they had made from older clothing.  The fashion show benefitted Family Link, a Christian Not for profit company that matches families up with foster children that need homes.  It was an amazing evening.  The girls learned so much and made new friends.  A few of the foster girls said that this was the most fun thing they had ever done.  If we as a troop and group of ladies accomplished just shining a little light for those foster families, then it was a complete Success!

Molly Ann & Mommy

"It's a girl thing!"

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