Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

It was a wonderful day!  A day to celebrate being a mom of 3 wonderful, sometimes difficult, amazing children.  I am so blessed with each one.  They are each different and sweet in unique ways.  I love them each and all the same!

Prior to being able to sleep in till 9am this morning and go to the most awesome Foreigner concert at The Backyard in Austin, yesterday I had several orders to complete.

The weekend started with a fun evening at Adorn in Lakeway,  My good friends, Brent & Kim Charlet own this cute boutique store and I provided cookies & cupcakes for an event Friday night.  "Cookies & Couture" was a blast.  I made sparkly dresses, purses and high heel shoe cookies for the event.  I also made brightly colored buttercream cupcakes.

On to more fun...

A pretty blue damask birthday cake for a friend's daughter that turned 15.

 A ton of Hello Kitty cookies for a 5 year old birthday party.

Lastly I closed the weekend baking out with a birthday cake for an 8 year old ballerina that was having a swimming party!  Happy Birthday Abrianna!

I am so grateful for my kids and that I am a mom.  Grateful to my husband for allowing me to stay home and take care of my family.  Without my kids and my mom, I wouldn't be who I am today!

I love you all!  Happy Mothers Day Mom!

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